On-going project on the most significant still-standing monuments within the city walls of Rome. Its goal is the documentation of their current state of preservation and their visual rôle in the contemporary urban landscape.

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The Colosseum as seen from the Oppian hill and the Northern side of the temple of Venus and Rome
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The so-called Gate of the Argentarii into the Velabrum.
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The temple of Portunus and one of the temples of S. Nicola in Carcere in the Forum Holitorium.
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The Forum of Julius Caesar and the Southern side of the temple of Venus Genetrix.
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The Porta Carmentalis – exterior (Western side) and interior.
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Columns of the Temple of Apollo in Circo and the Area Sacra of Sant'Omobono.
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Four-way arch of Constantine in the Forum Boarium.
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The arch of Gallienus, the round temple of Hercules Victor in the Forum Boarium, and the Porticus of Octavia in Circo Flaminio.
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Theater of Marcellus.
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The Pons Fabricius, the Tiberine Island, and the Pons Aemilius.
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Arch of Septimius Severus in the Roman Forum.
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The Tabularium, Basilica of Julius Caesar, and Roman Forum.
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Trajan's column in the Forum of Trajan.
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Trajan's Markets in the Forum of Trajan.
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Arch of Constantine in the valley of the Colosseum.
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The Republican temples in Largo di Torre Argentina, in the Campus Martius.
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The gate of Porta Maggiore and the tomb of Eurysaces.
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The pyramid of Caius Caestius and the so-called Temple of Minerva Medica.